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The Programming Language DINO

Vladimir Makarov, Edited by Serhei Makarov.

Jan 25, 2006
This document describes the programming language DINO.

  Apr 29, 2001.  Documentation of all objects corresponding to Earley's
                 parser was added.

  May 05, 2001.  Semantics of private declarations are changed slightly.
                 Earlier, they were accessible only by a separate
                 identifier.  Now they are accessible inside their
                 scope.  In other words, they can be accessible by `.'
                 or `->' inside the scope.

                 Added profile option -p.

                 Added IEEE standard floating point arithmetic.
                 Declaration block friends.

  Jun 22, 2001.  Function rcount is added.

  Jul 19, 2001.  Functions getf and fgetf have been added.

  Jun 23, 2001.  Function gmatch is added, rcount is removed.

  Jun 25, 2001.  Operators char, int, float are added.

  Sep 25, 2001.  Vector conversion with format.  New function rev.
                 Del, ins, and insv now return the vector.

  Oct 27, 2001.  New predefined variable version.  Additional
                 parameter for getf and fgetf.

  Oct 31, 2001.  Added special method destroy.

  Nov 22, 2001.  New functions sput, sputln, sprint, sprintln added.

  Dec 13, 2001.  New variables nil_anode and error_anode and new
                 function set_cost.

  Mar 15, 2002.  Function parse may return nil.

  Mar 18, 2002.  New function set_lookahead.

  Apr 30, 2002.  Calling destroy by finishing the program.

  Dec 8, 2002.   Equality of instance, classes and functions means
                 the same context.
  Dec 14, 2003.  Making table key is immutable in assignment.

  Jan 29, 2004.  New exception invfmt. New functions putf, fputf, sputf.

  Jan 4,  2006.  New function trans.  Make function rev returning a new

  Jan 15, 2006.  Removing depricated -> and dereference '*' operations

  Jan 16, 2006.  New swap operation.

  Jan 25, 2006.  Add sync statement in wait-stmt

1. Introduction

2. Syntax

3. Vocabulary and Representation

4. Declarations and Scope Rules

5. Expressions

6. Executive statements

7. Program

8. Predeclared identifiers

9. Appendix A. Syntax of Dino

10. Appendix B. Implementation

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