Programming language DINO

The development of COCOM and the programming language DINO has been moved to

June 3, 2015

February 2007

Dino image DINO is a high level scripting dynamic-typed language. DINO is oriented to the same domain of applications as famous scripting languages Perl, TCL, Python, and Ruby. The most of programmers know C language. Therefore Dino aims to look like C language where it is possible. Dino is an object oriented language with garbage collection. Dino has possibilities of parallelism description and exceptions handling. Dino is an extensible language with possibility of dynamic load of libraries written on other languages. The high level structures of Dino are

Originally, Dino was used in russian graphics company ANIMATEK for description of movement of dinosaurs in a project. That is the origin of the name. It has been considerably redesigned and implemented with the aid of COCOM tool set.

In future, I am going to implement debugger and port a GUI library into DINO. Any help in this will be appreciated. I am also going to use DINO for compiler prototyping. It has a powerful fast Earley parser with minimal cost error recovery and abstract tree generation which may be cost driven for ambiguous grammars.

All documentation is generated with Linux sgml package. The documentation in Postscript format (see it in distribution files) looks better than in other formats.

If you would like to look how Dino language could be used as a language for prototyping compilers and interpreters, here is a project of my eleven year old son implemented on Dino.

Dino interpreter is distributed under GNU public license.

To download Dino interpreter goto to download page.