Compiler toolset COCOM

The development of COCOM and the programming language DINO has been moved to

June 3, 2015

February 2007

This is COCOM tool set oriented to the creation of compilers, cross-compilers, interpreters, and other language processors. The distribution also contains interpreter of language DINO as an example of the tool set usage. The tool set is aimed to use on Unixes of different flavors. COCOM also has been ported also into WIN32 environment through CYGWIN.

The most part of toolset is distributed under GNU public license. Ammunition is distributed under Library GNU public license (except for Earley parser).

Brief description of COCOM and its components is here.

If you are interesting only in Dino interpreter, you better go Dino page.

The latest release documentation for the separate components is here

All documentation is generated with Linux sgml package. The documentation in Postscript format (see it in distribution files) looks better than in other formats.

To download COCOM goto to download page.